Radio Edutalk 15-11-2017: Ollie Bray, Headteacher of Kingussie High School in Scottish Highlands

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Ollie Bray, Headteacher of Kingussie High School in Scottish Highlands.

Ollie’s paper, ‘Your curriculum drives attainment’ is available here.

Radio Edutalk 07-11-2017a: Professor John Hattie on ‘Visible Learning’

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Professor John Hattie on ‘Visible Learning’.

Radio #EDUtalk 01-11-2017 Loose Learners Ep 7: How to read

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Happy Halloween, Everyone!

We aired a relaxed episode 7 we hope you enjoy listening.

The topic for this episode can be characterised as slow meanderings on digital and analogue reading strategies. We explore our personal preferences for paper or screen, strategies we use to help us remember and wonder if we are just getting old.

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Radio Edutalk 31-10-2017: Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE on Stemettes

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Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE on Stemettes.


What Bob Taught Me

The post from Wes Fryer which dropped into my rss feed this week once more had me reflecting back on the passing of Bob Sprankle. Bob was an a warm-hearted, informative and informed educator in the US primary sector, and an early pioneer of podcasting with young people. He produced several different podcasts over the years, but the one which drew me in was ‘Seedlings‘ which he co-produced with Alice Barr and Cheryl Oakes, and which was distributed through the EdTechTalk channel.

The post from Wes reminded me that I too reflected back on what #BobTaughtMe, shortly after the moving video tribute Wes and others produced. Given that in my small offering EDUtalk gets a mention, it’s probably appropriate for me to (belatedly) post it here.

Perhaps if Bob touched your life, you too might like to record your #BobTaughtMe.