Radio #EDUtalk 28-08-2014: Dr Laura Colucci-Gray on ‘Is Scotland going to feed the world?’

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Dr Laura Colucci-Gray is Senior Lecturer in Science and Sustainability Education & Director of Postgraduate Research Degrees in the School of Education at University of Aberdeen.

In this show, Dr Colucci-Gray asks: ‘Is Scotland going to feed the world?’

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Radio #EDUtalk 27-08-2014 (b): Amy Collier – Reflecting on the “unbundling” of US higher education

Amy Collier unbundling in US higher education

Amy Collier, PhD, Director for Digital Learning Initiatives, Office of the Vice Provost for Online Learning Stanford University
Amy Collier (amcollier) on Twitter,
Amy Collier, PhD | Office of the Vice Provost for Online Learning and blog, the red pincushion | musings on learning, living, and sometimes dancing

Amy was joined by Dr Jen Ross, Digital Education, School of Education, University of Edinburgh Jen Ross (jar) on Twitter, blog:
Amy was talking about unbundling in US higher education. Slides from here presentation on this subject: The Good, The Bad and the unbundled

live Radio #EDUtalk 8:30pm Dr Amy Collier, @amcollier director of digital learning initiatives Stanford Uni & @jar too

Why Open with David Wiley

Download Why Open? audio.

Audio from the Why Open session with David Wiley recorded on Google Hangouts, Youtube video here.
The Hangout was organised as part of the P2PU | Why Open? course looking at Open Practices and recorded by Christina Hendricks. Used with permission under a Creative Commons BY license.

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